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2019 BSG - The Legend Continues

Experience the 2019 Blood Sweat and Gears bike ride showcasing Watauga and Ashe Counties. Be sure to watch in HD. Filmed in CinemaDNG 4k60 and BlackMagic Raw. Video

2019 BSG - The Legend Continues

Photos by Rob Moore of MTNSnapshots Photos

BSG - More than a ride.

When we started BSG we just focused on executing a good ride. If we did that then riders would come back and bring friends. We never thought about how the ride might impact someone. We understand that for some riders BSG is just a ride. For others not so much the case.

BSG - 100 miles

The focus is on the 100 mile route and taking on Snake Mountain. A local poet, who is not a cyclist, watched all the footage, listened to the interviews, and read through our facebook page. This is his interpretation of challenging Snake Mountain.

BSG Trailer

I was driving to Boone after cleaning up the school after BSG 2015. I get a text from Wonderland Woods asking if I could get them Rusty Blanton's sound track of the Star-Spangled Banner. I sent it to them around 6:30pm. I'm leaving the post ride party around 10:30pm and get another text from them saying "check this out".

Rest Stop in Cove Creek

In 2015 we put 930 riders on the 50 mile route due to a severe weather forecast. We didn't get the severe weather predicted, however, the fog on the Parkway was thick enough the rangers would not have allowed us to ride on it. This is the rest stop in Cove Creek. A pretty busy day.
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